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Manual for the operation of the International Online Gallery DOLART.

The official mail of the gallery administration:

*Account registration
*Log in to your account

We are glad that you have visited our platform, where artists, collectors and buyers can get to know each other.

First, let’s get to know each other better:

To start any actions on the platform, you need to register-absolutely free of charge.

What does registration in Online Galleries give you?:

  • – this is an opportunity to have a conversation with the artist who places his ads (paintings) and the buyer,
  • – post comments on works,
  • – the ability to create your own profile (account),
  • – launch of advertising companies,
  • – get useful tips from the gallery, promotions, promo codes to your email.
  • – participate in competitions from the most international online gallery.
  • – follow the innovative news around the world.


Stage 1. Registration and creation of your account.


In the upper right part of the panel there is a menu – registration.


Fill in all the fields (check that they are filled in correctly)

You will receive an email (to the email address that you specify during registration). Go to your email and visit the letter – after careful review, follow the link, thereby you will confirm the activation of your account. If you did not see the message on the main page of the mailbox, visit the spam folder (at the bottom of the menu).

After passing this procedure, you must log in again to the platform and in the upper right part, where you registered, go to the menu-log in.

As soon as you log in to your account, you will be a full-fledged partner of the International Online Gallery DOLART. In your account, you can post a profile photo, write a biography about yourself, what titles and status you have in the art industry. This information will have potential buyers with more enthusiasm to focus on your work-with more loyalty.

Here is an example of a personal profile:

Stage 2. Placing your paintings for sale.


In the upper right part, you will see a console with a button – add.

By clicking, you will be taken to the menu where you need to fill out all the forms carefully with all responsibility. Choose which section your picture belongs to, set the price, give a description of the work (the more text you write about your work and competently present it to the buyer, the more convincing your work will look – we remind you that your text greatly affects the search results-an increase in the chance that it will get to the buyer during requests. Do not neglect this hint). The more you write about your picture, the higher the chance of getting into the search results for higher positions.


Step-by-step guide to placing an ad.


STEP 1. (shown in the screenshot below)


At this step, you need to specify the name of the picture and the category. The name should be indicated with a capital letter. All other letters must be uppercase. If the Name is in capital letters, it will not pass moderation.
The category is selected from the suggested list.

Please note that the categories: Auction, Panorama, Antiques will not be available if you have not purchased the corresponding package.


STEP 2 (shown in the screenshot below)


At this step, you need to specify the price type (point 1 in the screenshot below), the price in dollars (point 2 in the screenshot below).

You should also upload photos of the paintings (point 3 in the screenshot below).
ATTENTION: the size of photos should not exceed 800 kb. If your photos exceed 800 kb, then you can reduce them on the site You can find a link to this site every time you place an ad-near the photo upload.

Next, you need to write a description of your ad (point 4 in the screenshot below). The minimum description length is 200 characters. This is about two sentences. But the more extensive your description is, the better for your sales.

Hint: In the description, you can specify the size of the picture, by whom it was written-the author, the year of release, the country of writing or its location, what inspired you in writing this work, the method of delivery, the way of writing the picture, the materials used in the work – and so on.

Specify the comma-separated tags for your work in a special column (point 5 in the screenshot below). A tag is a search word that can be used to identify and quickly find your work among others.

In paragraphs 6, 7 and 8 (in the screenshot below), you can put the type, condition and warranty.

Step 3 (shown in the screenshot below)


At this last step, you must enter your name (point 1 in the screenshot below), phone number (point 2 in the screenshot below) and address (point 3 in the screenshot below).

In order for the address to be displayed on the map on the ad page, you must enter it in the field as shown in point 4 in the screenshot below and select the address from the suggested list.

It is necessary to check the box about agreeing to the rules and conditions (point 5 in the screenshot below).

And click the button (item 6 in the screenshot below)

Stage 3. Publication of paintings


Once you have filled in all the fields. You click publish the work. After that, this ad gets to the administration of the gallery. It is carefully analyzed and checked by the intelligent system of the platform and then goes to the administrator or moderator for consideration. If all the rules are met correctly, your work will be posted on the international online gallery. If errors are found that contradict the rules of the gallery, your ad will be rejected. See the rules here –

After correcting the errors, publish the ad again.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it. Now you can post your paintings and show them around the world without leaving your home. We wish you a creative mood and good sales.

Always with you, the International Online Gallery DOLART.

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