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Terms and Conditions

1. What is DOLART Gallery ?

DOLART Gallery is the Internet site available at: through mobile and desktop and mobile app, which is a set contained in the information system of intellectual property and information (administrative and user — generated content – “”).

DOLART Gallery is an electronic catalog listings and other offers (collectively, the “products”), which users can offer and search for DOLART Gallery with the purpose of concluding transactions.

The company provides authorized users with the technical ability to post information on DOLART Gallery in prescribed format of declarations in accordance with the presented product categories. The company provides all users (regardless of authentication) the technical ability to search and browse ads on DOLART Gallery. Automatic algorithms DOLART Gallery handle queries, to provide relevant information in search results.

The company is not a party, the organizer of the transaction, buyer, seller, employer, intermediary, agent or representative of any user, beneficiary or other interested party to transactions between users. Users use posted on DOLART Gallery information to enter into transactions at your own risk and without direct or indirect participation or control by Company.

2. Registration for DOLART Gallery

You can register on DOLART Gallery using the mobile phone number, email or through your social networking profile presented in the login form on DOLART Gallery. After registration we will create your unique profile. At the same time on DOLART Gallery can only be one profile tied to a specific phone number.

If you register on DOLART Gallery through the social network, certain functions will be limited. To access all the features of the service, you must specify the phone number in your profile. To perform some actions on DOLART Gallery, you will need to provide us your email address.

By registering on DOLART Gallery, you warrant that you have all the rights and powers.

2.1 Notifications

2.1.1 The User agrees to receive informational electronic messages from the Copyright Holder to the email address and/or subscriber phone number specified by you when working with the Service.
2.1.2 The Copyright Holder has the right to use electronic messages to inform the User about changes and new features of the Service, about changes to the Agreement or the Mandatory Documents specified in it, as well as for newsletters of an informational or advertising nature.

3. Login (authorization) on DOLART Gallery

You can login to your profile on DOLART Gallery (to login) or by using a mobile phone number/email address specified in your profile, or using the social network associated with your profile (“login”). In the first case you enter you have previously created a password, the second you must first log in to the respective social network.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their data to log on to DOLART Gallery. If you have reason to believe that someone got to them unauthorized access, notify us immediately about it. Otherwise, all actions performed on DOLART Gallery by the person authorized with your log would be considered perfect for you. The responsibility for such actions will be borne by you.

4. Information about users

Information that you provide about yourself must be accurate, relevant and not supposed to violate the law and rights of third parties. You are required as necessary to update them in your profile on DOLART Gallery.

We may at any time request the documents or information to identify, confirm the accuracy of the information provided or your powers. If the user is unable to provide them, we have the right to restrict access to his profile.

We cannot guarantee that all information that users provide on the Gallery DOLART is true and that every user is really what it seems. Be careful when making deals and selecting the transaction.

We do not provide to third parties information about users and their content that are not shared, except in the cases provided by law (e.g. upon request of certain public authorities). However, we cannot be responsible for third-party misconduct in respect of your contact information and other information you’ve shared.

We analyze your use DOLART Gallery to improve our services in order to help you to measure the quality and effectiveness of services DOLART Gallery with the help of statistical data.

5. User-generated content

Are you the owner of the information that you post on the DOLART Gallery in ads (including images, photos, product description in the ad, information about the product, user contact data and other elements), public profile and reviews (hereinafter “user content”).

The company does not act as a distributor of user generated content. You create, edit, post and share user content on DOLART Gallery without any involvement or approval by the Company. It is your responsibility to ensure full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, these terms and Conditions.

By posting user content on DOLART Gallery, you make it available to other Internet users.

DOLART Gallery does not censor user content. We are taking action to protect the rights and ensure compliance with legislation only at the request of the authorized persons in the prescribed manner.

The purpose for which users post user content in public profile and in the ads, – establishing contacts with potential buyers searching for products on DOLART Gallery, with the purpose of concluding transactions in respect of goods offered by a user in the ad. It is forbidden to collect, retrieve, record, organize, use, transfer, distribute, copy, reproduce or take any other action with respect to user content, including contact details of the sellers (including with use of means of automatic processing of information) for purposes not described herein. Do not use contact information of users DOLART Gallery for any purpose not provided for herein, including for providing any commercial, marketing or other irrelevant proposals that do not meet the objectives of their placement on DOLART Gallery.

6. The exchange of messages between users

Authorized users can use the messages to discuss products and terms of transaction. You must not use messages for any other purposes.

Correspondence users in the message is not personally identifiable. We may selectively view the correspondence of users to ensure the implementation of rights and obligations under the Terms.

7. Communication with users

We can provide you with:

  • system notifications, which cannot unsubscribe (for example, to confirm your registration on DOLART Gallery, to report on actions within individual services DOLART Gallery or to restrict access to the profile, or announcements);
  • service alerts related to your activities on DOLART Gallery (for example, on receiving a message from another user, the personal selections of interested advertisements);
  • news and offers advertising and marketing nature (including, promotions and Company news, DOLART Gallery and our partners, invitations to participate in research, advice from DOLART Gallery).

We can send you messages in the notification center in your profile to the email address or phone number listed in your profile to your device in the form of push notifications, and messages on DOLART Gallery. In some cases, we also may contact you by phone.

8. Deleting a profile on DOLART Gallery

You have the right to delete your profile at DOLART Gallery at any time by contacting customer support.  Within 30 days from the moment you deleted the profile on your initiative, you will not be able to use the mobile phone number that was specified in the deleted profile for a new registration on DOLART Gallery.

We will delete your profile on the DOLART Gallery if you have not used it for ten years.

9. Intellectual property rights

All rights to use the network address (domain name) to the DOLART Gallery website as a whole and the objects of intellectual property included in it (including computer programs, databases, graphic design of the interface (design) and individual elements), trade name, trademarks/logos and other distinctive marks of the Company belong to DOLART Gallery or the Company. The word “DOLART Gallery” is protected as a trademark owned by DOLART Gallery (right holder) and used by the Company.

The exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity included in the User Content belong to the respective users and rights holders. You warrant that your user content does not infringe the rights of third parties to the results of intellectual activity. If you do not have the right to post the relevant intellectual property rights on DOLART Gallery or the right to grant the Company the right to use such intellectual property rights in any way, you must not post such content on DOLART Gallery.

By placing user-generated content on DOLART Gallery, you grant the Company a non-exclusive right (a simple non-exclusive license) to use the content and intellectual property objects included in it, on the following conditions: indefinitely, without remuneration, without the need to obtain additional permission of the user to use such objects, for action in all countries of the world; for use in any way on any information media – with or without indicating the name of the author. The company has the right to keep archived copies of the user content and not to withdraw from circulation marketing and other materials that contain them.

By placing the user-generated content on DOLART Gallery, you also grant third parties (potential buyers) the right to use this content and the intellectual property objects included in it under the terms of a limited license to view the user-generated content in order to get acquainted with the goods offered in the ad and to establish contact for the conclusion of a transaction with regard to the goods offered by the user in the ad.

Without the Company’s consent, it is prohibited to use (including, extract from the database, collect, record, systematize, transmit, distribute, copy, reproduce) user-generated content (including images, photos, product descriptions in the ad, product information, user contact details and other elements) and objects of exclusive rights of the Company by any means and for any purpose (for example, for the creation of a database or inclusion in already existing databases, placement in information systems of third parties, irrelevant links) No objects of exclusive rights of the Company, elements of user content, information about DOLART Gallery users placed by them in the DOLART Gallery ad database may be used in any way without prior permission of the Company.

We have the right to automatically place DOLART Gallery logos/watermarks on your uploaded photos to prevent unauthorized copying of user-generated content.

10. Other responsibilities of users

By using DOLART Gallery and interacting with the Company, you also undertake:

  • strictly comply with all legal requirements;
  • comply with the DOLART Gallery Terms and Conditions of Use, Advertising Rules, as well as other DOLART Gallery rules and the Company’s instructions;
  • not to use the functionality of the DOLART Gallery or the information placed on the DOLART Gallery for purposes not covered by these Terms and Conditions;
  • not to use the DOLART Gallery or the contact information received by the DOLART Gallery for spam mailings;
  • not to indicate to DOLART Gallery the contact phone numbers, the cost of calls to which exceeds the standard tariff for outgoing phone calls, provided by the operator of the caller;
  • not to use automated scripts (programs, bots, crawlers) to collect information on DOLART Gallery or otherwise interact with the site without the Company’s permission;
  • not to post, direct or otherwise use obscene language, erotic, vulgar or offensive images and texts, information and statements that contain threats, provoke cruelty, hatred, disrespect or may lead to illegal actions, as well as other information and statements that do not comply with moral standards and business practices;
  • do not use the software tools to access, view or place ads without the Company’s permission, bypassing the normal use of the DOLART Gallery;
  • not to download, store, distribute or otherwise use DOLART Gallery viruses or other malicious software;
  • do not take any actions that may lead to a disproportionate load on the DOLART Gallery infrastructure, restrict access to the DOLART Gallery or otherwise interfere with the normal operation of the site.

11. violations and consequences

We are committed to making DOLART Gallery a convenient and safe tool, and therefore we reserve the right to conduct random checks on user compliance with the DOLART Gallery Terms of Use at any time and at our discretion. We also use automated systems and methods to better identify potential abuses of DOLART Gallery.

If we have reason to believe that your DOLART Gallery profile or other technical means has been or may be used to violate the law, the rights of third parties or these Terms and Conditions, we have the right to restrict access to your profile temporarily or permanently, to reject or block your advertisements or feedback, and to suspend or restrict your access to certain DOLART Gallery functionality. We also have the right to restrict access to the DOLART Gallery from a specific IP address or phone number or a range of IP addresses or phone numbers (e.g. as a result of a DDoS attack or the unauthorised use of software tools to perform activities on the DOLART Gallery).

We have the right to restrict and restore access to the profile and to determine the terms and conditions of such restoration at our discretion and without giving any reasons. If you restrict access to the profile at the Company’s discretion, you will not be able to use the phone numbers indicated in this profile to create a new profile on DOLART Gallery.

We are not responsible for possible damages caused to the users due to the measures taken to prevent and stop the violations on DOLART Gallery. We recommend that you keep a backup copy of your user-generated content on your device.

You may be subject to administrative, criminal or civil liability for violations of the law or the rights of third parties when using DOLART Gallery.

The Company and its representatives are not liable to users or any third party for any indirect, incidental, consequential or incidental damages, including lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation, caused in connection with the use of DOLART Gallery.

12. Final provisions

The provisions of Sections 2, 3, 6 – 8 of the Terms apply to users registered with the DOLART Gallery. All other provisions apply to all DOLART Gallery users regardless of registration and authorization. Any form of interaction with DOLART Gallery (including viewing the information on it) confirms your agreement to the Terms. The Company’s obligation to provide access to the DOLART Gallery functionality is counter to your obligation to comply with the Terms. Where no fee is payable for the use of DOLART Gallery, the consumer protection legislation does not apply to the relationship between the Company and users. The provision of certain DOLART Gallery functionality may be subject to special conditions.

The functionality of DOLART Gallery may be changed, supplemented or terminated at any time without prior notice to users. The use of DOLART Gallery is offered “as is”, i.e. in the form and to the extent that the Company provides the functionality of DOLART Gallery at the time of accessing it. We are not responsible for temporary failures and interruptions in the work of DOLART Gallery and losses of information caused by them. DOLART Gallery is intended for users all over the world, so some functionality may be limited or unavailable.

DOLART Gallery may contain links to third party websites. We do not control and are not responsible for the availability, content or legality of such third party sites.

We update the DOLART Gallery Terms of Use as necessary. We recommend that you visit the page where they are posted from time to time. By continuing to use DOLART Gallery after a change in these Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by the changes.

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