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Rules for publishing ads

Requirements for placement and content of ads

1. The ad must be legal

Do not place offers, terms, or information in your ads that violate or contribute to the violation of the laws of your country or the rights of third parties.

You may advertise only those products and other offers (the “product”) for which you have all the necessary rights, licenses, registrations, permits, certificates, etc.

Before placing an ad, you must ensure that all elements of the ad are legitimate (including photos, videos, links to third-party sites, where applicable, etc.). You will be solely responsible for any violations of the law or the rights of third parties committed by you.

2. The information in the ad must be accurate and complete

We consider it a gross violation of DolART Gallery’s policies to include in your listing any information that may be misleading about your product or the terms of your offer.

This also means that the ad must include an up-to-date phone number where you can be reached.

You are solely responsible for the distribution of ads that do not contain mandatory information or contain inaccurate information.

3. The ad must match the categories on DolART Gallery

Place ads only for those products for which there is a thematic category on DolART Gallery.

You can place ads within the same category using only one profile (including if you operate within the same company or joint business).

We may set limits on the number of free ads we place.

4. The proposal should be specific, existing and relevant

Place ads for a specific existing consumer-value item. For example, on DolART Gallery it is impossible to sell a hole from a bagel or not existing goods.

If you place an ad for the sale of goods – you must be ready to transfer the goods to the buyer immediately after the buyer has addressed you. Exception: we allow the placement of goods on pre-order from abroad.

Do not post ads for the sale of goods if you are not the owner.

If you have sold an item or your offer is no longer relevant for any other reason, remove the listing from the post as soon as possible. Do not change the content of a previously published ad – create a new ad for a new offer.

Please be aware that placing an ad may result in your obligation to a potential buyer to enter into and execute a transaction in accordance with civil law.

Do not place General advertising information in your ads.

5. It is forbidden to place repeated ads

You can only place one valid ad for a single item.

This means that you can not place repeated ads (duplicates) about the offer of the same product in different cities or districts.

You can also not place repeated ads (duplicates) about the offer of the same product using multiple profiles (including if you operate within the same company or joint business).

A duplicate ad will also be deemed to be placed if you remove or remove an ad (including before the ad expires) and then place a new ad with the same product, including in a different region or category

If the parameters of the ad match the same parameters of another previously placed ad, a later ad may be regarded as repeated and blocked.

6. The product is processed and placed on DolART Gallery

  1.  The ad must include at least one photo of the product being sold.
  2. The ad should not contain references to third-party sources.
  3. The photo should not be labels contrary to the rules of DolART Gallery made with the help of photo editors and other programs.
  4. The ad must be in the right category.
  5. The ad must contain the object being sold, if it is considered to be such. (A person, a person, a group of persons caught in the frame with the object “Goods” – is regarded as a violation of the rules of placement of this product.
  6. Processing can take up to 72 hours.
  7. If the item sold does not comply with DolART Gallery rules, It will not be placed.
  8. If the registration was not confirmed account profile-account is considered not formed. Further accommodation will not be possible.
  9. When the administration checks your profile, your account may be temporarily frozen.
  10. Repeated violations will automatically block the profile.
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