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Welcome dear friend in the Gallery DOLART.

Our platform ART industry

This section provides you with a unique opportunity to implement a project together with our team.

Barter Advertising is a transaction for the exchange of services without money. You make an equivalent exchange, thereby getting advertising and your partner’s audience. Barter Advertising is an opportunity to save company expenses and conduct an advertising campaign.

What Barter Advertising provides is the equivalent of attracting and exchanging an audience.

Gallery DOLART guarantees barter advertising, provides a platform to host your partner on this resource. The created special module will be placed in the visible and accessible part of the platform. In turn, the partner provides its resource to the audience and places an advertising module from the DOLART Gallery on the same terms and visual effects.

Gallery DOLART collaborates with social networks, websites, forums, and other platforms, only with an audience similar in subject matter to the ART industry.

The commercial offer must be sent to the following email address: (marked “Barter Advertising”) the
Advertising company is launched after approval and approval of the administration Of the International gallery DOLART

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