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$900 (Fixed)


Price : $900 (Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : 2021-03-24
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : Moscow, Russia


Oil, 55×75

This picture was painted by me in March 2020. Suppressing emotions is betraying yourself. It’s like lying to yourself. In the case of this picture, I took the topic of suppressing sex. According to Freud, all problems grow out of childhood and it is then that frameworks and rules are established. I think that many people are afraid to talk about sex, about their desires and thoughts on this topic due to public prejudice. If you look at the world, then it is all permeated with sexual energy, or rather the energy of life. The flower opens every morning to attract a bee, which will transfer its pollen to another flower, thereby giving birth to a seed and a new plant. Everything in the world consists of life and death, and sex is a product of new life. So why should people suppress such thoughts in themselves?

The picture participated in the Geneva exhibition “Art during a Pandemic” and at the exhibition of contemporary art in Moscow by axyaxyart.


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