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$1 000 (Fixed)

“Mga Diwata sa Sugbuanon” (lit. “Deities of Sugbuanon)

Price : $1 000 (Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : 2021-10-30
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : Ormoc City Museum

6ft x ½m

Watercolor on Abaca Silk & mixed media scroll.


I called this artistic project as DECORATIVE SOUTHEAST ASIAN ABACA SILK PAINTING SCROLL, produce from my informal artistic research  of possible arts and crafts that our ancestors could have cultivated in an alternate reality/universe of the Philippines.

I admire the great sophitication of art style of chinese silk painting, so i re-imagine the chinese could have share their skill in silk painting our my ancestors as well as making scrolls, that fact that my ancestors lack the development or culture in painting and drawing depicting their culture i began to in line my arts to depict their culture.So this painting depicts the deities of my ancestors, from the top is Kaptan, Lihangin, Li-Adlaw, Libulan, Lisuga, Likalibutan, Lidagat and lastly Magwayan.

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