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$204 000 (Negotiable)

Mein Leben, meine Kraft

Price : $204 000 (Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date : 2022-12-03
Condition : Used
Warranty : No
Location : Russia, Novosibirsk, ul. Vokzalnaya magistral 16

Oil painting on canvas „Mein Leben, meine Kraft“ (“My life, my strength”). Sale from a private collection.

The painting was purchased at the auction site of the Boros Museum of Modern Art (Germany, Berlin). Date : March 2014. Technique: mixed. Author’s signatures are present.

Artwork by seven artists. Event: art festival of famous artists from different countries. The only such event was when these people were able to gather in one place and at one moment.

Authorship: Dan May (USA), Alan Mayer (Germany), Wu Zhi (China-Germany), Vlad Zaytsev (Russia), Yulia Kozak (Ukraine), Masha Naumova (Germany), Alexey Tchernyi (Germany).

Auctioneer: Esther Shipper.

Canvas size: 202 x 143 cm (HxW)

Size in stretcher: 190 x 125 cm (HxW)

Full package of AUCTION DOCUMENTS. Auction receipt confirming the fact of purchase. Provenance (description of the museum, history of the painting, description of the painting, biography of the artists, enumeration of the merits of the artists, list of solo and collective exhibitions, examples of works) in German and Russian. Museum hardcover brochure commemorating the event and the painting. Annotation (the history of the painting) in German (confirmed by the signature and seal of the auctioneer) and Russian. Lot description sheet with the seal of the auctioneer. Notarial confirmation of the fact of purchase and ownership (issued by a notary in Berlin). Expert opinion.

Painting exposure:

2014 – private art gallery (art center) Galerie Nierendorf. Berlin, Germany

2014 – Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art (KW Institute for Contemporary Art). Berlin, Germany

*Kunst-Werke, abbreviated as KW, is one of the most experimental and status art venues in Berlin.

2019 – State Exhibition Hall “Gallery” Belyaevo “. Russia Moscow.

2019-2021 – Private exhibition Moscow International Business Center “Moscow-City”. Russia Moscow.

2021 – Contemporary Art Fair Art Russia 2021. Russia, Moscow

2022 – Art space “Sokol”. Novosibirsk, Russia

At the moment, the painting is rented by an art gallery in Novosibirsk on a personal request (sale from the exhibition). Sale for investors.

It is possible to pay in cash, non-cash to the account of the organization, cryptocurrency. Sale through a notary is welcome.

Bargaining possible. We are ready to consider any proposals on the final cost, as well as barter transactions (real estate, art, vehicles).

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