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$900 (Fixed)

Lose yourself to find yourself

Price : $900 (Fixed)
Date : 2021-07-13
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town

South African Visual Artist Tamzin Koen

Title: Lose yourself to find yourself

Size: A1

Medium: mix media on canvas

Art is the gateway for Human interaction. My work speaks in volumes of the human mind and deals with its complexity and experiences which creates and alters our reality, soul and spirit. In my search for my true identity and the questions our souls has been yearning to discover, our purpose. I have discovered that through the height of our passion, the thing we are most passionate about is when we meet our purpose. My work has become the playground for the viewer to feel, to tap in to their own emotions and challenge their own reality. I use mix media and various formats and concepts to create work that is playful in render. Many layers of images or strokes of lush’s mediums until it emerges to its final phase, until my soul is fed. When I create works of art it is a direct dialogue with God a conversation so confronting and truthful it bears no limits. I paint intuitively connecting with the Divine. My process is in-depth prayer and meditation before I start creating my work. I never know what the images will be before I start. The outcome is always a gift to us both, me as the artist and the viewer who interacts with the art piece.

This painting is a dialogue with ones self, the needing to shed, lose all that you know in order to grow, become who you are meant to be. We are spiritual beings living a human experience and we are forever becoming.

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