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Khovar and sohrai

Price : Price On Call
Type : Urgent sale
Date : 2021-10-23
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : Sanskriti,canary Hill Road

Khovar is the traditional marriage mural painted in the bride’s house by the mother and daughter at the time of wedding ceremony in the village’s of hazaribagh. Tracing it’s origin to the prehistoric rockart, 10000 bc in the region of hazaribagh, jharkhand, India.

Khovar is painted with black manganese clay color as a base over which the kaolin white creamy clay clay color is applied and while it’s is wet the motive are carved out with broken pieces of comb or bamboo stick reliving the black color and it’s intricate design.

Sohrai is the harvest mural tradition painted on mud walls for the sohrai festival which takes place one day after diwali festival in the winter’s month as an annual thanksgiving for a Bountiful harvest.

Houses are painted by diverse tribal and native community in distinct styles using chew twigs, clothes swob using natural earth colors like, red haematite, yellow oxide, black manganese and kaolin white, depicting pashupati Lord of animals, plants, animals and birds for prosperity and abundance.

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