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$180 (Fixed)

Boat on the sea shore

Price : $180 (Fixed)
Type : 10% discount
Date : 2022-03-29
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : Bishkek

A ship at the pier, a boat on the shore, as a symbol of readiness for new discoveries, knowledge, changes in life. Such a picture symbolizes the cardinal changes associated with traveling to distant countries for those who want changes in life.
A boat or a large ship can symbolize a shelter that preserves all living things (like an ark), a sign of rebirth in the new.
The boat, according to some beliefs, is a symbol of the deity of the other world. In some films, it is by boat that you can swim from the living world and get into the world of the inanimate. It is worth taking this meaning as a metaphor, and not in the literal sense to interpret it – it is a kind of image of transition, a symbol of spiritual growth and good changes. The boat is also used to transfer to a large ship that cannot come close to shore. And in this sense, a boat is a transition to a new, much more significant state, big and significant changes, a new life and a new status, prosperity and success.

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