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Acrylic on canvas -200X200 CM-2013

Price : Price On Call
Type : 10% discount
Date : 2021-11-01
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : CAIRO EGYPT

Disappearing continuous -The 55th Venice Biennale Project, Maldives Pavilion 2013

It is a concept related to sociology, which refers to the continuous change in society; Because of the influence of a group of social factors, it is also defined as a phenomenon of social phenomena with a continuous impact, which depends on a set of human ideas, new theories, opinions and ideologies that characterize each of the human eras. Social change is either comprehensive or partial, radical or gradual. Sociologists differ in the interpretations of this change and the knowledge of its factors, causes and results, both total and partial. Hence the various sociological theories arose. Some scholars argue that technology is the basis for all changes in social relations, and others argue that the dissonance between the class that owns the tools of production and the class that does not have is the most important. The causes of social change may also be due to psychological factors in the human personality, since human behavior is based on a specific motive, and if this motive changes

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